Music Videos: A to Z


Additional details on all videos will be added shortly:


   Ash: ‘Renegade Cavalcade’
Record Label: Atlantic
   Harrisons: ‘Blue Note’
Record Label: Melodic
   Harrisons: ‘Wishing Well’
Record Label: Melodic
   Indigo Colony: ‘Even A Little’
Record Label: Regal/EMI Music
   Jim Noir: ‘My Patch’
Record Label: My Dad Recordings
   The KBC: ‘Not Anymore’
Record Label: High Voltage
   Keith: ‘Back There’
Record Label: Lucky Number
   No Hope In New Jersey: ‘Invaders (Of My Space)’
 Record Label: Atlantic
   No Hope In New Jersey: ‘Narcolepsy’
Record Label: Atlantic
   Snowfight In The City Centre: ‘Listen’
Record Label: High Voltage 
   Space: ‘Suburban Rock’n’Roll’
Record Label: R&M
Early Projects:
   The Cardinals: ‘ Love Don’t Mean A Thing’
 The Government: ‘Bad Candy’ 
 The Government: ‘What Time Is It?’ 
 Kracklite: ‘Simpatico’ 
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